Our taxi fleet is monitored and controlled by The Big Lebowski, who provide us with dispatching.

All our drivers are equipped with 2-way radio and are highly experienced drivers, who have been working in this region for a while. They know all the roads very well and when possible will always avoid traffic jams during rush hour.

We care about the enviornment and hence offer a fleet of hybrids. Infact, in 2007, the city approved us for the Clean Air Taxi Grant.

Image courtesy of Ad Meskens

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You only need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking. The remainder needs to be paid on arrival.

About this demo

  1. This is a reservation based booking.
  2. Bookings for the same day/time periods are valid, after all, we own a fleet of hybrid taxis!
  3. We’ve enabled PayPal on all the demos but this is not the default.
  4. We haveĀ used cascading dropdown lists that load the location we want to head to with cost.
  5. We’ve also modified the tab headings to read “Taxi reservation” and “Day and time”.